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Adding a new product to your home or office can be a big decision. Potential buyers often have a lot of questions: How will this item fit into our daily lives? Will it do what it says it does? Is it worth making a change from what we’re used to?

Trust is the key to answering these questions. That’s why micro-influencers are such a high-impact channel for demonstrating the quality and usability of your product in a relatable way. Our TikTok and Instagram micro-influencers may not have millions of followers, but they have something even more valuable: authenticity. When they recommend your product, their audience listens.

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Unlike other agencies, we pay our influencers in product, not cash. Product sampling is about allowing your audience to experience your items firsthand, in their own environment. After seeing your product in action, micro-influencers become your brand’s biggest ambassadors, sharing their genuine reactions and reviews and creating a ripple effect of trust.

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Jesse James
IG: @rollinsw0llen

“Working with ApexDrop as an influencer is amazing. They offer a supportive environment, clear communication, and genuine appreciation for creativity. It’s more than a partnership; it’s a community where influencers thrive, relationships deepen, and opportunities are abundant.”

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Say goodbye to generic marketing campaigns that reach the masses but resonate with few. No matter what category your product fits into, we have dedicated micro-influencers in our vetted network who can’t wait to share it. We have experience activating successful custom campaigns for everything from salt lamps to baby products, and we’ll put that expertise to work for you.

Our campaign managers will handle everything from identifying and engaging the right influencers for your specific niche audience to guiding content creation and storytelling. Our white-glove services for consumer products brands also include negotiating partnerships, ensuring content authenticity, and tracking campaign metrics.

You can rest assured that the influencers we activate know their audience inside out, and when your product aligns with their interests, it will be a match made in marketing heaven.

Featured Case Study

ApexDrop engaged micro-influencers on Instagram to share branded posts and messages on their profiles. This approach heightened brand visibility and generated premium sponsored content. A few of the influencers went the extra mile by cross-promoting content on other social media platforms.