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For consumer brands looking to scale through social proof, ApexDrop is the product discovery and user-generated content agency that connects you with thousands of diverse, talented, highly engaged social media content creators so you can build your brand’s buzz and earn evergreen content that converts.

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The average price-per-post has skyrocketed 44X since 2015 across all platforms. ApexDrop’s streamlined workflows and systems for sourcing and collaborating with hundreds of unpaid micro influencers saves time and money.

Attracting influencers who are excited about what you offer improves engagement, content quality, and authenticity. The result is truly authentic content that converts in today’s content-hungry, advertising-adverse world and genuine word of mouth that’s amplified on social channels to millions of followers.

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ApexDrop delivers true UGC at scale so you can keep your marketing assets fresh, relevant, and compelling.

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