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Beauty influencers make up your marketing strategy

In a world of staged perfection, authenticity is the crown jewel. Our beauty bloggers, health and wellness influencers, and makeup mavens have loyal followings because they’re real people with real stories. And when they endorse your product, that trust transfers to your brand.

Forget cookie-cutter beauty and wellness marketing campaigns. While well-known influencers in these spaces may have millions of followers, they lack that personal touch that makes the difference between scrolling by and clicking “buy.” When you put your beauty or fitness product in their hands, you’re putting it in front of an audience of your new biggest fans.

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Highlight both
the journey and the finished look

Our micro-influencers don’t just passively hold up your products; they share their entire experience with your brand. From unboxing to trying, testing, and reviewing, they take your audience on a journey. It’s like word-of-mouth marketing on steroids, and it works.

What Brands Are Saying

Featured Creator

Crystal Aurelia
IG: @sixth.tractate

“I love being a collaborator on ApexDrop! I’ve worked with both established and up-and-coming skincare, makeup, clothing, food, and beverage brands over the years. They make the collaboration easy with well-defined timelines up front, so I can plan around my travels and focus on what I enjoy ~ creating content!”

Fine-tune your targeting

Why spend your marketing budget on broad strokes when you can have precision? Beauty, health, wellness and fitness influencers make up a large segment of the social media market, so identifying those that will offer the most bang for your marketing buck is key. Our campaign managers will match you with micro-influencers who are perfectly aligned to your brand’s specific niche. We’ll also take care of all the heavy lifting when it comes to engaging your ideal influencers and managing your campaign(s), including:


Ensuring authentic content

Measuring campaign success

Guiding content creation and storytelling

Featured Case Study

To reach a younger, more active, and social media-savvy audience, Corona reached out to ApexDrop to build a unique campaign centered around virtual tastings. Corona Premier then tapped into ApexDrop’s diverse network of product testers to create authentic user-generated content blending lifestyle and product visuals. The end result? A dramatic increase in social engagement, especially on Instagram.