Beer, Wine, & Spirits

Sip, share, hooray!

Beer and bev-alc influencers raise a glass for your brand

Beer, wine, and spirits play a big role in many of life’s most important moments. A birthday toast. A popped bottle of champagne to celebrate the new year. A custom cocktail at a wedding or black-tie gala.

When consumers are considering what type of beverage to serve on these special occasions, you want them to think of your brand. ApexDrop micro-influencers sip, savor, and share your products to their highly engaged and loyal social media followings. Their endorsements comes with a top-shelf level of authenticity and genuine enthusiasm, which inspires trust in your products and brand.

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Today’s social audiences can smell an ad or paid post from a mile away. That’s why ApexDrop never pays influencers for reviews or testimonials. Instead, we provide free samples of your product to those influencers who have shown specific interest in your brand. Then, those influencers share their honest experience with your product through contextual, visually appealing photos and videos. Let’s toast to that!

What Brands Are Saying

Featured Creator

Mlamuli Mnyandu
IG: @mlam_s

“Ever since I came across ApexDrop my influencer game has changed so much, they have given me so much exposure, in my influencer era. Companies would be the ones wanting to work with me because of the exposure that ApexDrop has given me. The team behind it is also very helpful and understanding being part of ApexDrop has really changed my life.”

Create targeted buzz

Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all marketing campaigns that may deliver reach but not conversions. At ApexDrop, each campaign is expertly tailored to your specific niche. Our campaign managers match your product with micro-influencers that are perfectly aligned to your target audience. We’ll also take care of all the heavy campaign lifting, including:

Identifying and engaging the right influencers


Ensuring authentic content

Measuring campaign success

Guiding content creation and storytelling

Spend your time growing your brand and business, and leave the marketing logistics to us.

Featured Case Study

To reach a younger, more active, and social media-savvy audience, Corona reached out to ApexDrop to build a unique campaign centered around virtual tastings. Corona Premier then tapped into ApexDrop’s diverse network of product testers to create authentic user-generated content blending lifestyle and product visuals. The end result? A dramatic increase in social engagement, especially on Instagram.