How It Works

The Drop Method

We believe that brands need much more than influencers to grow their business. They need a loyal community that believes in their brand, their business, and their story. We’ve built a trusted Drop Method that helps brands amplify word-of-mouth recommendations through product sampling and our unique creator network-so your brand can reach its long-term goals, not just short-term results.

We do the heavy lifting
so you don’t have to

As the leading influencer marketing agency in the US, we’ve helped brands big and small take their influencer marketing campaigns to new heights. Our team handles all the heavy lifting-from vetting authentic creators to outreach and management to reporting-so your team can focus more on reaching your brand’s goals and less on campaign stress.

Campaign Brief

45 min Kickoff Meeting to set targeting

Add product details

Guidelines, hashtags, etc

Approve or Deny Influencers* (Optional)

45 min Preview Meeting

Hand pick influencers from the ones who show interest

View metrics

Ship products consistently

Dashboard & Analytics

45 Min Review Meeting to analyze and optimize

Tracking & reporting

Content strategy

What Brands Are Saying

You’ve Got Questions.
We’ve got answers.

Working with micro-influencers for the first time can be intimidating. A million questions may be running through your head:

Where do I
find the best

How do I vet

What should be
covered in the

Do I have the
rights to the

What about

“As a regional brand maximizing our efficiency with influencers can be tough. But ApexDrop has helped us reach the right content creators and consumers to drive both awareness and engagement where our product is available.”

John Linn, Marketing Director
Funky Buddha