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Food brings people together like nothing else. It’s the foundation for our social functions, cultural rituals, family connections, and day-to-day nutrition. Our food and drink influencers recognize this and have a genuine love for all things culinary. They’re the tastemakers who are excited to taste your products and share mouth-watering experiences with their hungry followers through authentic, engaging testimonials and reviews that resonate.

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Food and beverage influencers are experts at producing appetite-inducing, visually appealing food photos and videos that their audience can almost taste—and will want to! As an ApexDrop partner, you’ll get a lifetime license to all of that UGC, which you can then recycle into paid advertisements, direct mailings, blog content, and much more.

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No matter where your product sits in the food & beverage ecosystem, our network includes the right influencers for your brand. From fresh ingredients, preparation and cooking to packaged products and prepared meals, ApexDrop campaign managers will help you identify and collaborate with the perfect creators and communities. The result is a balanced campaign.

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Christian Arfsten
IG: @theyankeecowboy

“ApexDrop has been fantastic to work with. I really enjoy the clear and concise guidelines when working with brands. The expectations for both the content creators and brands are straightforward and easy to follow. ApexDrop is also diligent in working with creators to make sure that key elements of the deliverables are aligned with brand views. Overall it’s been a rewarding experience and I will continue to use ApexDrop in the future.”

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Planning and launching a food and drinks influencer campaign can seem daunting, but our team has the experience and expertise to take you from kickoff to completion. ApexDrop campaign managers provide tailored services to food & beverage brands, including negotiating partnerships, ensuring authentic content, gathering campaign metrics, and measuring content success.

The result is a campaign with long-term audience impact and cost-effective, targeted engagement that will leave consumers hungry for more.

Featured Case Study

To reach a younger, more active, and social media-savvy audience, Corona reached out to ApexDrop to build a unique campaign centered around virtual tastings. Corona Premier then tapped into ApexDrop’s diverse network of product testers to create authentic user-generated content blending lifestyle and product visuals. The end result? A dramatic increase in social engagement, especially on Instagram.