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For nearly a decade, ApexDrop has been helping brands reach new heights. We got started back in 2015 to create a better way to build brand buzz at scale. Since then, our agency has worked with internationally recognized companies, including Fresh Express, Russell Athletic, Starbucks, and Ulta Beauty.

We’ve also seen a lot of changes in the influencer marketing arena, from celeb endorsements to paid posts to ads disguised as true product testimonials. And do you know what we’ve learned? That trust and authenticity will win over ads any time. Our pioneering, proven influencer marketing methods turn creators into enthusiastic customers who can’t wait to share your products with the world. It’s like word-of-mouth marketing on steroids—and it works.

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Unlike other influencer marketing agencies that pay influencers for posts, ApexDrop relies on product sampling at scale. Each month, we provide the influencers, and you provide the products. Then, our creators showcase your products to their loyal, engaged audiences in an authentic and transparent way.

While paid posts might lead to instant, short-term results, our monthly content model creates communities that last and acts as a force multiplier to all of your cross-channel marketing efforts.

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We’re a group of passionate marketers on a mission to build strong online communities for consumer brands in North America. If you want to join a team that’s on the cutting edge of social and influencer marketing, we’d love to hear from you.