Success StoryBuild branding, reach, and traffic

Using Instagram, ApexDrop activated 100 micro-influencers with iHome Vanity Mirrors, Salt Lamps, Google speakers, and Alexa speakers to post branded content and messaging into their feeds. The strategy has increased brand awareness in addition to high-quality sponsored content. Conversion opportunities were created on social media based on core consumer traits. Also, select influencers cross-promoted content to other social media networks improving SEO, reach and social discovery.

Campaign At-A-Glance


To connect with a younger, more socially active audience.


Leverage ApexDrop’s microinfluencers to conduct virtual tastings and share their experiences with their social followings.


117Created Posts

4.47%Campaign Engagement Rate

2.3MCampaign Follower Reach

109KTotal Campaign Engagements

iHome isn’t the only brand we’ve helped reach new heights.

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