8 Tips To Create Stunning Instagram Photos & Grow Your Followers

June 18, 2021

The best way to attract eyeballs to your Instagram page is by sharing beautiful content. Whether you take photos with a pro-level camera or your phone, these tips will take your photography game to the next level and attract more followers

1. Plan for the best lighting

In photography, lighting is the name of the game. Lighting can make or break your photo, so consider the lighting before shooting. Popular lighting situations to shoot in include “golden hour” just before the sun is setting and cloudy days. During golden hour, the sun is low enough to cast beautiful glowy light with soft shadows. Cloudy days are also popular because the clouds act as a natural diffuser and create even lighting. Sunny days, while you can get lucky, usually leave harsh shadows and uneven lighting. All situations can lead to beautiful photos though if you plan in advance.

Sunny Day

Golden Hour

Cloudy Day

2.  Consider the rule of thirds

The Rule of Thirds is a common composition technique. To achieve this look, divide an image up into a 3×3 grid and place the subject of the photo on those lines. Most phone cameras and professional cameras have a setting to turn on gridlines. This will create some variety and interest in your photos instead of having every subject perfectly centered in the photo. However, do not overdo this look or you will lack that variety.

3.  Get the best angle

Depending on what you are taking a photo of, consider the angle. For example, if your subject is a woman wearing a cute dress, consider shooting from a lower angle to make her look taller. If you are a food blogger, shots of food from overhead tend to perform well. Maybe you want to take a picture of your four-legged friend; get down on their level. Don’t make the mistake of shooting every photo from eye level. An angle can make all the difference.

Subject’s Level

Overhead Shot

Low Angle

4.  Create depth

Another way to step up your photography game is to create depth in your photos. Instead of a flat image with a basic backdrop, find a dynamic background that adds more layers and even a story to your photo. This can be as simple as trees, a sidewalk in a neighborhood, or a busy crowd at a festival.


5.  Find natural framing

Finding natural framing is another way to add depth to a photo, but involves placing something in front of the subject. This technique adds layers and creates a more interesting photo. That nice “blurred” bokeh look is very popular now.


6.  Be creative

Following all of these tips will lead to more beautiful photography, but you’ll still want to be creative and develop your own style. Photography is an art, so let your imagination lead you to new, creative ideas. Instead of going for the “typical” shot, try to capture your photos in a new way. Instagram is saturated right now with millions of photos that all look the same, so try to think outside of the box and find a new approach.

Dynamic Background

Blurred Background

Get Creative

7.  Edit your photos

Photography is half of the art; the other half is post-production. Edit to bring out the natural beauty of the photo. Camera technology is incredibly advanced now, but it is still impossible for cameras to capture exactly what we see in person. Editing your photos can help bring that look back to your photos. You can opt to use a preset so that your photos all have a similar “vibe” to them or edit them individually. Lightroom (both on desktop and mobile) and Snapseed are popular editing platforms.

Before lightroom edit

Column content

8.  Use a feed planner

Once you have your images, it is time to start sharing them on Instagram. Not only do your images need to be intriguing individually, but also in how they appear when grouped in your Instagram feed. Therefore, it’s important to plan out your feed in advance. Nothing is worse than having a bunch of beautiful individual photos that don’t come together to create an overarching story on your feed. Using a feed planner app, such as Planoly or UNUM, will allow you to arrange your photos in a visually appealing way.


4 Tips For An Appealing Instagram Feed


  • Avoid placing similar photos directly next to or on top of one another.
  • Spread out the different colors to create a more even balance for your feed.
  • For photos of people or pets, consider which way they are looking, and don’t upload an entire row of photos of the subject looking off in the same direction as it will look uneven.
  • Use a planning app to visualize your feed before posting and to delete and archive photos to get the look you want.


Now go out and try some of these techniques to up your photography game! Photography is an art and there is no right or wrong. Develop your own style and have fun!

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