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Influencer Campaign Results

ApexDrop activated 300 micro-influencers with ABBY&FINN’s baby products to boost brand awareness, create authentic user-generated content (UGC), and develop more conversion opportunities. Many influencers went above and beyond, cross-promoting content on other social media networks and personal websites which ultimately improved:

  • Conversion Rates
  • SEO Social
  • Discovery
  • Reach

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We definitely feel like influencer marketing through ApexDrop has been very successful for our brand. The team has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing to work together. - Amanda Little | ABBY&FINN 
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ABBY&FINN’s lifestyle and family-focused mommy bloggers truly captured the essence of the brand. They were each gifted a two-month subscription bundle that included their choice of diapers and wipes. There is no doubt that Mommy Bloggers are a powerhouse when it comes to user-generated content and authentic messaging.