Mommy Bloggers Can Help You Win Over Parents–Here is How

Monday Apr 27th, 2020

Mommy Bloggers

When mommy bloggers invite your brand into their lives, their experience, authenticity, and emotional connections with their readers benefit you. Let’s uncover how mommy bloggers increase brand awareness and get parents to try your products and services.

How do you influence parents?

Ask me!  I’m a mom of three kids under 12 years old.  

When deciding what is best for my child, I turn to various sources—my mom, my mommy friends, experienced moms, my kids’ pediatrician, and my own intuition. I know which resource has the expertise I need.  

Mommy bloggers are among the friends and experts I use as resources.

Mommy Blogger InfluencerAs a work-from-home mom, I enjoy following both stay-at-home and working moms. Some share their daily schedules—messed up homes, unkempt hair, toys in the kitchen, and everyday parenting moments that they can cherish later. Some share their struggles. They use blogs and social media to connect with other moms, get their questions answered, and find support when in doubt about their decision-making. Working moms often offer suggestions about the work-life balance.  

How are moms using social media? According to Edison Research:

  • 53% of U.S. moms use Instagram
  • 36% feel social media is their main connection to the outside world
  • 80% turn to social media for product recommendations

Connecting with Your Target Market Through Mommy Bloggers

I will echo the thoughts of many parents here—parenting is hard work. From meal prep and sleeping schedules to relating to each child’s unique personality and understanding how and when to discipline them, parenting has its share of challenges.   

It is mentally stressful and physically exhausting to care for a child of any age. With blogs, parents share these feelings, relieve stress, and connect with people in the same phase of life. In doing so, they form a community that trusts each other for parenting advice, shares happy moments, supports through difficult times, and vents frustrations.

Mommy blogger micro influencerMommy bloggers attract a segmented audience of parents looking to explore various ways to address key parenting concerns, including:

  • Healthy diets and meals
  • Interesting recipes
  • Child health and nutrition
  • Upbringing and child psychology
  • Handling tantrums and parenting stress
  • Parental mental and physical fitness
  • Childcare options for working parents
  • Activities to engage kids
  • Education and career
  • Birthday party and other celebration ideas

How Mommy Bloggers Get Parents to Try Your Products

If your brand sells kids’ products or essentials for a household, consider aligning with mommy influencers. Here are a few products mothers love to try.

1. Nutrition and health products

Many parents are concerned about nutrition. Mommy bloggers can offer clever suggestions for adding more nutrients to a child’s diet, snacking healthfully, feeding a fussy eater, and making healthy food fun, attractive, and tasty.  

Some parents want recommendations about supplements for mental and physical alertness.

Brands can collaborate with mommy bloggers to help solve the parenting woes of health and nutrition. 

For example, to create awareness for a probiotic drink for a healthy gut, ask mothers to include it in their routine. They can then write a blog post on the importance of probiotics for healthy digestion and how your product can help.

2. Hygiene items for baby care and household needs

Moms are always on the lookout for products to help keep their little ones—and their homes—clean and safe.

Mommy Blogger PicHousehold cleanliness is a challenge for parents, especially those with toddlers. These tiny humans have a high-interest level in picking up and eating stuff from the floors, making household cleaning a big priority.

Another concern is how to clean and sterilize milk bottles, teethers, pacifiers, and utensils.  

Skin rashes, too, are a common problem in the diaper-wearing years. So if you are launching a diaper rash cream, or if you have a diaper that protects sensitive skin, ask the mothers to try it on their babies.

Other products in high-demand for young parents include steam sterilizers, natural disinfectants, chemical-free or plant-based laundry soaps too, and baby care products with sensitive skin formulations.  

Get your mommy blogger to inform her readers why chemical-free products are safe for their babies and explain the composition of your products to create awareness.

3. Education and games for entertainment and engagement

Engaging young minds is another challenge of parents. In our digital world, where physical activity competes with devices, it becomes difficult to channel children’s energy constructively. Parents need options that are both engaging and entertaining. Thus, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) toys are go-to options for many parents.

Brands can leverage the power of mommy bloggers by giving them free access to their products like educational apps, learning games, children’s learn-to-code kits, or free subscriptions to activity boxes.

Mommy bloggers can write product reviews and post videos of how their children have fun—while learning—with the STEM toy. You will find many parents get inspired to engage their children with your product when they see another parent recommending it and showing it in use.

4. Clothing and accessories

Posting images on social media is how modern parents capture and share precious moments. From dressing up their kids for special occasions to twinning with them to finding the right accessories, parents love to share these authentic memories with family and friends near and far.

Mommy Blogger PictreFashion brands can team up with mommy bloggers to produce genuine, user-generated content to drive engagement and boost awareness. 

Running a contest on Instagram can further increase your reach. For example, use a hashtag #twinning from your latest collection of clothes and matching accessories and give away a free set to the mommy-baby pair.

5. Purpose-led influencer marketing

Growing awareness about the environment and society has driven parents to explore products that are environmentally-friendly or sustainable. Life-threatening illnesses and other health conditions have motivated them to look for locally grown, genetically unaltered organic produce. Also, the moral responsibility to contribute to society inspires them to buy from brands that are known for philanthropic and charitable initiatives.

Many influencers are known to promote brands that not only demonstrate value for users but also lead by example when it comes to society and the environment. Such brands can harness the reach of mommy bloggers to promote their purpose. 

Consider a purpose-led campaign to drive awareness of your brand’s societal initiatives. Ask mommy influencers to weave a story around her day to day life and demonstrate how buying organic products benefit regional farmers. Include a hashtag of the philanthropy your brand is helping.

6. It May Not Always Be About The Kids

Parenting is a tiring job, and sometimes caregivers need to relax and take care of themselves. So, if your brand is about leisure, beauty, fitness, and wellness, you too can help parents de-stress with your products and services.

Why not offer a mommy blogger a spa treatment where she can rejuvenate and get back to her daily routine with more vigor and energy. When she narrates her ‘me-time’ or shares videos and images of her experience, her community will be inspired to take time out and treat themselves to occasional luxuries of life.

Mother influencers are relatable and have an emotional connection with their peers. Because they are trusted by their audience, their blogs or posts about their experiences with your products and services are trusted like word of mouth.

Here are a few tips for your mommy-targeted influencer campaigns.

  1. Identify parent influencers to fit your target segment. For example, a new mommy or toddler’s mom is a better fit for your new range of diapers than an experienced mom.
  2. Offer the influencer a free product gift or service and give them some time to form an opinion.
  3. Most mommy bloggers have a unique style, and their followers emotionally connect with that style. So for your brand campaign, you can brief them on your campaign goals and then give them free rein on how they can weave your product with their content. This approach will produce more authentic and trustworthy content than a scripted approach.
  4. Be receptive to their feedback. And if your business goals permit, you can try to incorporate their inputs. Nothing influences an influencer more than an acknowledgment of her opinion.
  5. Don’t restrict yourself to influencers with high follower count. Sometimes what you are looking for is a highly targeted, niche audience for your brand – so micro and nano influencers can just be the right fit.

Interested in learning more about how mommy bloggers can work for your brand? Reach out to learn more about the ease and affordability of managed campaigns with ApexDrop.  

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