Wednesday Mar 18th, 2020

Connecting during COVID 19

By:  Lynne Clement

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During this time of pandemic fear, do not disconnect from consumers. Consumers need connection, distraction, and inspiration more than ever. They’re fearful, bored, and stuck at home. As their time spent on social media skyrockets, will you be there to help?    

Some brands will find ways to calm, inform, and build trust. Others will create novel ways to meet the changing needs of their users. It’s a limited opportunity. The Chinese economy is already starting to rebound, according to the Harvard Business Review.   

You have the opportunity to be relevant. Will you rise to the occasion? If you’re unsure how to respond, here are three strategies from brands that have quickly found ways to connect.  

1. Associate Your Brand With a Cause

Brands that contribute to the greater good have a competitive advantage over similar competitors that do not. Lysol’s emergency campaign to raise funds to combat coronavirus is a perfect model for focusing on the greater good. It gives consumers the opportunity to join in the effort to do something positive—and Lysol will match up to $2 million in donations.

Lysol Ad

2. Relate Your Messaging to a Change in Consumer Behavior

Peet Bros. is connecting over the recent push by medical experts for frequent handwashing. On the landing page below, they cleverly inform consumers of a solution to the problem of dry skin that can be associated with “harder better faster stronger” hand washing. Simple, timely, and brilliant.

Peet Brows

3. Use Influencers to Make Your Brand Relevant

Don’t know what to say? Unsure of how to connect with consumers? Micro influencers can help.  With their niche expertise and knowledge of how to communicate with their audience, they will find a way to make your message relevant.  

During the COVID-19 crisis in China, with offices shuttered and freedom of movement limited, influencer audiences and engagement grew significantly. We expect the same pattern in the United States. Consumers will look to the influencers they know and trust for product recommendations. If you are already working with influencers in your category, now is a great time to continue. If not, it’s not too late to start!  

Consumers want to support brands that stand for something more than the products they sell. Show consumers you care. Run an influencer campaign to support consumers through their new normal. Now is not the time to disconnect.


PhotoCred: My_Daily_Wild

About the Author

Lynne ClementLynne Clement is a Director Of Marketing at ApexDrop. When she’s not connecting with amazing brands, Lynne enjoys exchanging pranks with her husband, kids, and co-workers, and rooting for Penn State teams. Lynne welcomes connections on LinkedIn and questions at Lynne@apexdrop.com.  

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