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Influencer Campaign Results

While the campaign included only 60 influencers, Tailor Vintage gained 81 license-free lifestyle photos, reached 1.4 million followers, and saw more than 100 thousand engagements. In addition to creating content for the Connecticut-chic brand, ApexInfluencers also:

  • Amplified brand awareness
  • Increased website social conversion opportunities
  • Increased time on site
  • Increase average order value

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The quality of the clothes are amazing! The shirt is so soft and the shorts are really nice! Everything fits perfectly
They are classic menswear pieces and they compliment my style very well.
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About Tailor Vintage

Tailor Vintage has mastered the delicate balance of fabric, fit, and function. The family business was founded in 1993, and today is a household brand that connotes quality and authenticity.

Our network of influencers went above and beyond on this campaign, with many of them cross-promoting on their personal websites and other social channels. This ultimately helped Tailor Vintage with their SEO and social reach.