Why Micro-Influencers Are Secret Public Relations (PR) Experts

Monday Sep 15th, 2014

Secret PR for AD

A recent study conducted by Twitter suggested that about 40 percent of social media users have purchased an item online after seeing it used by a social media content creator. With these findings, it’s safe to say influencer marketing is here to stay. The greatest feature of this marketing strategy is that it can be applied to nearly any brand or business. From corporate behemoths to ma’ and pop shops, marketers can apply influencer marketing strategies and almost always see a solid return on investment. In fact, for every dollar invested into influencer marketing, businesses generally get about $6.50 in return. While ROI is always an important factor in any marketing strategy, there is a huge public relations opportunity that marketers tend to overlook.

Public Relations Broken Down

Micro-influencers themselves may even be unaware of their public relations (PR) expertise. Often, their work identities are classified by the platform they use (i.e Instagrammer, Tweeter, Blogger, etc.), when in reality it’s what they’re creating on these platforms that gives a more precise idea of what they’re doing for your business. Traditionally, a PR consultant would promote clients’ products, services, etc. by handling communications and creating effective, positive, and persuasive content. The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) defines PR as “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” The idea behind PR is so simple yet so essential: convince an audience to trust your brand. When consumers believe in your company, you sell more products and services.

PR People (a.k.a Your Influencers) Are Storytellers

A good micro-influencer is an excellent storyteller. In fact, their heir very trade is based on building compelling narratives around your brand. For the company, this third party storytelling enhances your reputation and builds trust with your audience. Even as far back as 2012, 92 percent of consumers said they trust earned media (such as word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and family) above all other forms of advertising.

It’s the New Word of Month

The greatest asset of influencer marketing can be the micro-influencers. They have a smaller, tighter, more avid following than their celebrity counterparts. As content marketers create a story around your brand, they’re showcasing and vouching for your business in front of a highly engaged audience (most of whom look to them for advice, style, fashion trends, news commentary, etc.) Great content creators can even utilize current events to highlight your brand. By combining your products with breaking news and/or the hottest trends, you can gain some great connections and followers by joining the “conversation.” However, it is essential that this mixture of current events and content remains positive.

The Influencers You Earn

Advertising can be bought, but a high quality micro-influencer won’t represent your product or services unless they’re worthy of a post—and this is a good thing.When a micro-influencer stays true to her values, she maintains a faithful audience. As a result, a content creator can build a brand’s credibility and earn consumer trust by having a third party verify the value. Yes, some fashion bloggers and content creators will ask for compensation. However, even with compensation, many influencers won’t accept the assignment unless they think your brand is producing quality products and providing quality service.

Public Relations You Can Measure

Commonly, in the PR field, professional consultants can only give you close estimates on the effects of their efforts. However, micro-influencers can use social analytics that provide deep insights into their (and ultimately your) reach, engagement, target audience, and more.

Social Media Platforms with Amazing Dashboards


  • Facebook insights
  • Google + analytics
  • Instagram insights
  • LinkedIn analytics
  • Pinterest analytic
  • Twitter analytics

Micro-Influencers Double as Public Relation Consultants

As a marketer, I’m sure you hear “influencer marketing” as a buzzword all the time. While much of tech jargon is driven by flash in the pan trends, influencer marketing is here to stay. There is a reason why the percent increase from 2012 to today is around 2900% in Google searches for influencer marketing. For this reason, brands should build positive relationships with micro-influencers and find an experienced marketing agency that uses a sound vetting process to ensure only the best content creators can represent your brand.

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