The Advantages of Working with a Micro-influencer Marketing Agency

Friday May 12th, 2017

The Advantages of Working with a Micro influencer Marketing Agency 800 x 450px

Highly Qualified Staff

Letting a properly trained, experienced, and dedicated staff handle your influencer marketing ventures can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches. For that reason, ApexDrop assigns a dedicated account manager to each campaign to ensure quality content, timely posts, and most importantly, results.

Proprietary Catalog of Influencers

A good influencer marketing agency hand-picks their influencers in order to match their clients with the proper content marketer. ApexDrop takes this even further by implementing a vigorous vetting process to assure only the most outstanding fashion bloggers, pet celebrities and micro-influencers can represent your brand. It is imperative that influencer accounts are examined for fake followers, likes, and/or comments. A properly curated network will only include social media marketers and fashion bloggers who have an authentic, active, and engaged audience. ApexDrop even reviews their offline presence in order to determine what factors contribute to their online popularity.

They’ve built Relationships with Their Influencers

It’s an influencer marketing agency’s job to have a pulse on their content creators. With a carefully curated network comes a strong understanding of those within that group. At ApexDrop, we contextually match your products with influencers based on their personality, marketing niches, experience, style, content, and platform of choice. Scale is another important component to consider, which is why ApexDrop specializes in fully-managed micro-influencer marketing campaigns. This kind of native advertising pairs brands with content creators who have followings of between 5,000–20,000 attentive and engaged (real) people. While this audience may be smaller than that of a celebrity instagrammer, it is higher in quality: Remember, the number of followers an influencer has is much less significance than the metrics of engagement and relevance. Reach is still vital, however you will need to scale your efforts with many micro-influencers if you want to have a big effect on your traffic. One of the most challenging aspects of influencer marketing for brands is identifying the right content creator for the job. In growing your brand, you may find it difficult to divide your time between business development and rolling out a comprehensive social media plan. Utilizing an agency who already works with a large network of knowledgeable influencers will most likely produce a much better return on investment.

Measuring Results

Influencer marketing agencies can show and explain your results at the end of a campaign. By measuring the performance of these programs, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of your brand’s growth, who your target audience truly is, and a consensus of your strengths and weaknesses as a company. ApexDrop realizes the importance of this data, so we make sure it’s in your hands within 30 days from the inception of the campaign. Since most campaigns last over a span of three to four months, having solid data before the conclusion of your campaign allows for valuable time to tweak and tailor content to your target audience and strengthen your conversion strategy.

Good Agencies Have Guarantees

It’s imperative that you find an influencer marketer agency that can guarantee results. With a proper warranty, you have the assurance that your brand will grow. That’s why ApexDrop guarantees reach, followers, and authentic likes, or your money back. While all campaigns have a similar time frame, we’ll keep our influencers posting as long as it takes to reach our promised results.

Marketing Agencies Can Manage Influencers Work

Authenticity is one of the most important elements of influencer marketing. Content creators should truly love the product they’re representing. Additionally, it’s important that all posts are created by the influencers themselves—that each carries a unique voice and is of consistently high quality. This dependence on the content creator is nerve-racking for a lot of brands. For this reason, ApexDrop uses a steadfast campaign manager who monitors the influencer’s activity and also works with them to ensure their posts are frequent, high quality, and original. With someone to help analyze and supervise the campaign, influencers gain valuable insight into improving their engagement tactics as well.

Finding a Budget for Your Campaigns

Budgeting for advertising and marketing can be challenging, but know this: many brands see a 600% return on investment. Most agencies will have different campaign types and lengths. ApexDrop offers contextual influencer marketing options which can be tailored to your brand.

So Many Perks

The advantages of working with a micro-influencer marketing agency are far-reaching. Before deciding on which direction to take, inquire about their network of influencers, staff, and what they guarantee.

ApexDrop has helped thousands of authentic micro-influencers connect with quality brands through contextual product gifting (also known as trade collaborations). Imagine having an affordable and easy way to get your products featured by hundreds of influencers immediately on Instagram, but without all the extra work. ApexDrop offers an unparalleled service in campaign management from start to finish and can assure that their clients receive quality posts and authenticity. For more information, schedule a call with an ApexDrop Influencer Specialist today