Should My Brand Align With Pet Influencers and Pet Bloggers?

Thursday Dec 25th, 2014

Picture for Pet Influencer Blog

So it looks like the next wave of social media celebrities have arrived and brands are loving it. Most recently, marketers have been looking toward a new world of advertising that involves a multitude of cozy critters. Pet influencers are animals that have their own social media accounts, be it on Facebook, Twitter and arguably the most popular platform, Instagram. The success of such a seemingly silly idea comes from its ability to merge three things people generally love: 1. Adorable Animals 2. Fashion/Commerce 3. Social Media/Content Ads that utilize pet influencers can become binge-worthy content for many social media users. After all, who doesn’t like to see adorable dogs, cats, hedgehogs, and other furry friends?


According to the 2017-2018 American Pet Products Association (APPA) Survey, 68% of households are home to a pet. Out of these owners:

  • 48% are dog owners
  • 38% are cat owners
  • 14% have other kinds of pets including: fish, birds, lizards, horses, rabbits, etc.

The implications of this study are important as they may indicate that the majority of Americans are entertained, interested, and/or sympathetic to posts with animals in them. Interestingly, of the people that own pets: 32% are baby boomers, 35% are millennials, and 27% are Generation X. But why is this important for brands? According to PEW Research Center, 53% of young adults between the ages of 18-29 use Instagram. So, if the question is whether or not you should align your brand with pet celebs, then the answer is an unequivocal yes—you should definitely use pet influencers, especially if your target market is millennials. Think about it: if your target market is young adults, the majority of them have both an animal and an Instagram account. Aligning with a pet influencer could be a huge boon to your brand.

How Much Do People Love Their Pets?

While there is no exact measurement, these statistics from the APPA make it easy to argue that pet owners truly love their fuzzy family members:

  • 81% believe their pets are beneficial to their health.
  • 78% of dog owners buy their pets presents.
  • 66% believe their pets lower stress.
  • 53% of dog owners and 58% of cat owners allow their animals to sleep in the bed.
  • 23% of millennial dog owners have parties for their pets.
  • 31% of dog owners have clothes for their dogs and 10% buy designer products.

The Power is In the Paws

According to Market Watch, some dogs are making up to $10,000 per Instagram post and have ridiculously huge followings. For instance, Chloe the Mini Frenchie has over 163,000 followers, Ella Bean has over 91,000 followers, and Marutaro has over 2,600,000 followers. During our research, we found that a dog with 20,000 followers equates to a $200 post, 150,000-250,000 followers pulls in around $3,000 a post, and a dog with over a million followers makes around $10,000 per post. One thing that makes ApexDrop’s Pet Influencer Network different is that the average pet in our network has 25,000-35,000 Instagram followers but will consider gifting and/or trade-collaborations (a trade collaboration involves sending a product in exchange for a post instead of payment)!

Make a Pet Part of Your Campaign

If you’re asking yourself, I don’t sell products for animals, can I capitalize on these cute campaigns? The answer is simple, yes you can! At ApexDrop, we have found that our fifty/fur campaigns are a hit (and you’re going to get pet micro-influencers for a fraction of the cost)! Click here to contact us and learn more about how pet influencers can elevate your marketing efforts!

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