Eight Micro-Influencers You Should Know

Monday Jul 30th, 2018

The Eight Personalities of Micro Influencer

Both brands and content creators risk losing credibility when the context and scale of an influencer campaign are mismatched. For this reason, it’s important to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each social media platform as well as the different micro-influencer personality types to help you place your products in the right hands.

What Platforms Are Influencers Using?

In order to better ensure a successful campaign, it’s critically important that brands work with authentic micro-influencers who only endorse the products they love and have a firm grasp on which social media platform(s) complement their personality and variety of content. In fact, a survey by Slackla found that 86% of consumers say that authenticity is essential when deciding which products to like and support. Arguably, the most effective platforms for influencer marketing are Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and perhaps most importantly, Instagram. However, many brands that use ApexDrop’s network see content cross-promoted by our micro-influencers.


In an effort to stimulate engagement, Twitter now offers 280 character tweets. In an Adweek article, influencer Andrew Eaton, of Scrappy Geek, commented on the new character limit and what it means for how he tweets: “As an influencer, I love it. It allows me more space to creatively showcase a brand and/or product to my audience.” Tweets are limited to maintain a micro-blogging atmosphere. Therefore—while there is a little more room for content with the 2017 update on Twitter—it still pushes influencers to sum up what needs to be said and pack a punch in just a few words. Because of these parameters, influencers tend to be more genuine as they’re forced to distill their thoughts into a concise message. On the flipside, a lack of information can often lead to over-simplified points of view and rapid-fire bickering. Twitter is excellent for witty thought leaders and bloggers, but probably not optimal for the fashionistas and travel junkies. If your brand is trying to decide what platform to choose for an influencer campaign, carefully consider the products and services you offer and how they could best be presented. If you’re unsure, contact an experienced micro-influencer agency for help.


While Twitter is more for starting a conversation, YouTube is for telling a story. Influencers such as comedians, gurus, foodies, and even travelers can utilize this platform. Oftentimes, when brands are seeking a more visually stimulating medium to showcase their products, they’ll reach out to gamers, tech reviewers, and vloggers for an endorsement. While video content is incredibly engaging, rarely do influencers on YouTube have the following that their Instagram or Twitter counterparts have.


Facebook has by far the most users. Facebook’s newsroom reported that in the first quarter of 2018, there were over two billion active users. Unfortunately, despite a massive user base, the engagement level is significantly lower than platforms such as Instagram. In fact, research from Forrester shows that brands often see less than a 0.1% engagement rate from Facebook while Instagram’s usually pushes an average of 4.21%. However, this does not mean Facebook needs to be ruled out for influencers. Facebook sees an influencer for what they are: a person, not a business. In fact, business posts often get pushed down the newsfeed while users’ friends and family are shown first.


Visually appealing topics such as food, fashion, and travel all gravitate towards Instagram’s visually stimulating platform. While influencers generally post fewer times a day on Instagram than their Twitter counterparts, consumers are far more engaged on Instagram. Like Twitter, one of the many advantages to Instagram is the ability to use hashtags. Louise Myers reported that there is 442% more engagement on posts that included these repurposed pound signs.


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The Eight Personalities Of Micro-influencers

While every micro-influencer has his or her unique taste and style, there are some overarching personality types that can be deduced from scrolling through a newsfeed. However, whether they’re gamers or fashionistas, the best micro-influencers are successful because the products they endorse are contextually relevant to their audience and, most importantly, they genuinely believe in the brand. Below are eight micro-influencer personality types that you may want to consider for your next campaign. If you’re looking for the highest-quality network of content creators that run the whole gamut, be sure to contact ApexDrop before you start your search.


1. The Comedians

They are the jokesters, pranksters, and stand up comics. You can count on laughing while checking out their profiles. “Comedians” often have a significant following on Instagram and YouTube because they post videos that hold your attention for more extended periods of time than their business-minded influencer counterparts. Matthew Raymond is a prime example of a comedic micro-influencer. He uses a combination of YouTube for his episode length videos and Instagram for his off the cuff comedy. Brands often see excellent cross-promotion from comedic micro-influencers. They know how to have fun with a product while simultaneously endorsing it. After all, isn’t laughter the best medicine?

2. The Creative

While all micro-influencers are artists in their own way, “the creatives” generally include photographers, videographers, woodworkers, painters, and musicians. With their chosen mediums, creative influencers tell a captivating story with the products they believe in. Actor, director, and photographer WideShut has a small but mighty following. Jomar Mirand’s sense of style combined with his prowess behind the lens makes him one of those “hidden gems” on Instagram.The Eight Personalities of Micro Influencer On page 2 300x300

3. The Fashionista

“The fashionistas” include the models, trendsetters, and endorsers. These micro-influencers love Instagram because it helps them showcase their unique style. Their followers are looking for fashion tips, inspiration, and the latest trends.@Cecilealamode is a stellar example of a fashionista. Cecile Charlotin does not only have an excellent eye for fashion, but she also demonstrates how to wear a wide variety of styles. Great fashion-forward micro-influencers only endorse the brands they love and feature them in a contextually relevant way. If you’re looking for a team of fashionistas to rock your latest line, be sure to contact ApexDrop today.

4. The Gurus

“The gurus” have an avid following across multiple social media platforms. Whether it’s fitness and health or gaming and technology, these micro-influencers know the ins and outs of their specific fields. For this reason, “gurus” are great for brands that need to reach niche audiences with their micro-influencer campaigns. Fitness guru @_samiraiman_ showcases workouts, style, and lifestyle on her Instagram. People follow her for daily inspiration, fashion tips, and expert opinions.

5. The Foodie

Restaurants love a good review, especially when it includes a beautiful picture. “The foodie” will not only tell their followers how much they enjoyed a restaurant’s food, but they’ll highlight the presentation and atmosphere too. Great micro-influencers post high-quality, mouth-wateringly good photos that their followers eat up. Instagrammer @TheGildedBillini perfectly captures the west coast “brunching lifestyle.” Her following is actively engaged and eagerly awaiting her next delectable post.

6. Travelers

“The travelers” are your adrenaline junkies, dreamers, and go-getters who are full of wanderlust. These people seem to gravitate toward the visually stimulating platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. These influencers have high engagement and take a brand’s products to new places. The Traveler often pairs his or her Instagram with a blog, which means brands who align with these nomadic micro-influencers see exceptional cross promotion and even SEO benefits. Thepointsguy, a.k.a Brian Kelly runs a blog along with his Instagram to grab the audience’s attention. With his longer form content, he shares tips and tricks to getting airline miles. Meanwhile, his Instagram showcases where he is going with points he has earned all while also providing reviews of the airline on which he is traveling.

7. The Furry Friend

Let’s face it; it’s hard not to love an adorable animal. Brand’s have been looking toward a new world of advertising with pet influencers. That’s right; these animals have their own social media accounts, senses of style, and backstories. “Marking the world, one tree at a time,” @Deantsdivinewoof is a pawfect account to showcase the versatility, power, and absolute cuteness of a pet micro-influencer. One visit to Dante & Antaeus’s profile and you’ll be clicking follow just to see these pups in action.

8. The Thought Leader

“Thought leaders” are highly credible and have a large following because of their reliable research and knowledge. Generally, these micro-influencers are the journalists, industry experts, insiders, entrepreneurs, advocates, and analysts. Thought leaders are often highly engaging and are great at keeping your brand in the conversation. Up and comer Valeisha has proven herself as a thought leader, activist, and philanthropist. She’s an advocate for women’s rights and promotes events for mental health awareness. Thought leaders are prime micro-influencers for brands seeking to align their products with the best and brightest.

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