5 Ways Brands Can Amplify Their User and Influencer-Generated Content

Thursday May 14th, 2020

Repurpose Your Content

When planning your next influencer campaign, don't forget to have a strategy in place to amplify the content that comes from it. Many brands make the mistake of thinking that when their campaign ends, the value of influencer marketing has run its course. But in reality, it’s just the start.

To maximize ROI, brands need to repurpose and leverage the life-style content that influencers produce. In fact, a recent ApexDrop study showed that the content produced by users and influencers outperformed stock and staged photography by nearly four-fold when used on an eCommerce site.

So, the question is: where else can these relatable, more trustworthy images be used? To answer that question, we’ve outlined five ways to leverage user and influencer-generated content beyond your website.

***We’ve also provided a quick refresher on the difference between influencer-generated content and user-generated content. If you’re a seasoned marketer, feel free to scroll past it and start with number one!***

A Quick Refresher: Influencer vs. User-Generated Content

Marketers often use user-generated content (UGC) and influencer-generated content (IGC) interchangeably. But there is a difference.

Fashion InfluenerUGC is created and posted by uncompensated users. Conversely, IGC is created by compensated content creators, or influencers. Unlike the average user, influencers have a sizable audience and typically are professional or aspiring content creators.

The mix up with UGC and IGC is due to the fact that influencers are users too (or at least they should be). Whether content comes from a passionate consumer or professional creator, brands should be ready to leverage it.

While shoppers trust UGC, brands never know what they're going to get in terms of quality or quantity, nor a surefire timeline for when they'll see it. Because of this inconsistency, only a small portion of it will be repurposed.

Furthermore, while millennials love to show off their new kicks, hats, and sunglasses on social media, some products rarely get showcased (think lingerie, laundry detergent, toothpaste, lotion, etc.). Because UGC doesn't necessarily come from a campaign, it rarely aligns perfectly with a brand's seasonal requirements, either.

Lastly, brands are increasingly promoting not only their products but their purpose. UGC rarely highlights a brand’s mission in a review.

That's where IGC can help. Brands can count on the quality and quantity of posts and request thematic content to meet their marketing needs. What's more, influencers generate about three times more word-of-mouth messages than non-influencers. Plus, influencer messages are also more impactful on purchasing decisions. Four times as powerful, in fact!

Ultimately, most brands need to supplement your UGC with high-quality IGC. By doing so, and leveraging both, they'll build trust and boost sales.

1. Guest and Company Blog Posts

Guest blog posts and a company blog are essential tools for reaching new audiences and boosting search authority. The perk of this amplification strategy mainly comes from the fact that you can earn backlinks.

If you're unfamiliar, a backlink is simply a link from one website to another. While it might sound simple, domain and page-level backlinks make up roughly 40% of Google's algorithm. Meaning, if a publication uses one of your photos and leaves you an attribute, you get a bump in search ranking. Likewise, if you create a reader-worthy blog and someone links to it, you'll see a healthy boost in where your page stands in search results.

Repurpose Your Influencer Content v2Additionally, updating your business's past blog posts with new images can have a profound effect. According to the SEO Tribunal, freshening up previous posts with new photos and content could increase organic traffic by as much as 111 percent. 

2. Google Display and Shopping Ads

To bolster engagement, use IGC for your next Google display or shopping ad. WordStream notes that “e-commerce ads that feature user-generated content drive four times as many clicks as e-commerce ads that don’t.”

The relatable images tell a better story to customers than a staged photograph. Save yourself the cost of stock photography or expensive photo shoots and repurpose IGC to maximize your online ads.

3. Social Media 

Millennials are three times more likely to research products on social media when deciding which brand/product to buy.  Connect with them by incorporating original brand images from influencers.  

Lifestyle Expert v2Using influencer images in your social feeds to highlight real and relatable people also builds trust with your audience. A recent Edelman study shows that "trusted companies have stronger consumer buyers and brand advocates." 

4. Email Newsletters

Adding influencer generated content in newsletters can leave a lasting impression on customers. SalesForce notes that UGC is more memorable. They found that 50 percent of consumers reported UGC as more memorable than brand-produced content.

Additionally, using influencer content in your email marketing increases open rates and clicks. Hire open rates lead to more conversion opportunities. Try combining a few customer testimonials with their images as part of your email marketing strategy.

5. Shoppable Content

Turn your IGC into shoppable content. By doing so, you can help convert your share of the 130 million Instagrammer that tap on a shopping post to learn more about products.

Fashion influencer wearing sunglasses v2In a survey commissioned by Facebook, Inc., 81% of respondents said Instagram helps them research products and services. Furthermore, 80% said they use Instagram to decide whether or not to make a purchase.

Furthermore, you can incorporate IGC and UGC into your seasonal lookbook to diversify your model pool. Since influencers have their own style, IGC will highlight multiple ways to wear or use your products.

Get More Authentic Content

To connect with your target audience and improve sales, you need to leave a lasting impression. To ensure it's a positive one, include ICG and UGC into your marketing mix. When you're ready to expand your content library, schedule a call with ApexDrop today.